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Serato Studio: Is This The Future Of Music Production?

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Serato has announced their entry into the music production market with a new piece of software called Serato Studio.

Serato has always been among the leaders when it comes to DJ software and now they have launched Serato Studio which, like Serato DJ, is available for both PC and Mac.

What is Serato Studio?

From the first look, it seems to be a very user-friendly application which has a very similar interface to Serato DJ.

Serato Studio’s library has drums, percussion loops and other sounds which all sync at the chosen master tempo of your project. Not only do they sync in tempo but also in musical key, which is especially useful for producers with limited musical theory knowledge and when using the “Play In Key” mode.

How do I get started with Serato Studio?

You start by selecting a drum kit from Serato Studio’s library and then pick which music style you wish to create by choosing the beat pattern that you wish to proceed with.

You can then begin to introduce additional layers such as bass, percussion, synths and vocals to develop the layers into a full track.

Like most DAWs, Serato Studio has a piano roll sequencer where you can create your own melody for your track.

What else can it do?

One of the best features of Serato Studio is that it will work natively with Serato compatible controllers, immediately turning them into a music production controller.

It seems that the left deck of the controller is responsible for the samples of your track and the right deck of the controller takes care of the arrangement of your track.

The performance pads of your controller will have certain functionality assigned to them which really gives Serato Studio a hands-on feel.

Initial Thoughts

Serato Studio seems like a piece of software which is aimed at the newcomers to music production who may have been overwhelmed by a more established DAW such as Logic Pro, Cubase or FL Studio.

It is very simple to use and the Serato Studio library already has quite a comprehensive array of sounds and instruments. Considering this is only the beta version, it is bound to keep improving as new updates are released.

Final Thoughts

Firstly, I absolutely love how the Serato compatible midi controllers are automatically supported by Serato Studio. This feature is very user-friendly and could gain the company a lot of new fans.

Although I think that Serato Studio is a fantastic piece of software, I don’t think we will see many people abandoning the more established DAWs to start creating music with this one.

In summary, I think it is a great piece of software which will help curious people make the daunting leap from DJ to producer.

Check out the video below from the guys behind the scene at Serato or download the beta version here

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