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Better DJing was created so that it’s founder, Mister Barclay, could share his years of experience behind the decks with the next generation of DJs.

As you browse the site, you will find a mixture of posts giving tips for beginner DJs and advanced DJs alike, as well as recommendations for products and services.

Our promise to you

All of the products and services recommended on this site will have been tried and tested by Mister Barclay or any of the contributors. Never will a product or service be recommended just to earn an affiliate income. You may even notice that a lot of the recommended products and services are actually a lot cheaper than the industry standard. This is because we want to share our knowledge and best practice with you.

Our non-bias philosophy

When an article is written about a product or service, it is never monetised immediately. By acting in this way, we are able to always share our true opinion without being blinded by dollar signs. Eventually, we may choose to add affiliate links to the recommended products and services, but this will be completed a considerable amount of time after initial publication.