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Mixed In Key Studio Edition: Is It Worth The Money?

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Mixed In Key, who has presented us with Platinum Notes, Flow 8 Deck, Captain Plugins and Odesi in the past have announced the latest addition to their software stable – Mixed In Key Studio Edition.

Similar to the key detection software they developed for DJs, Mixed In Key Studio Edition has been developed with producers in mind and allows them to analyse audio samples within their DAW and display the correct key.

How much does it cost?

Mixed In Key Studio Edition has gone on sale priced at $58 and comes complete with a 30-day money back guarantee.

How does it work?

Using the same algorithm as their industry-standard key detection software, Mixed In Key Studio Edition can be added to any audio, sub mix, software instrument or master buss channel within your DAW as a VST or AU. Once you play back that audio, it will be analysed by the software.

What can it do?

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is advertised as the fastest way to detect the key in your DAW.

It can analyse any sample, track or acapella and accurately detect the key so you can ensure that it fits harmonically with the rest of your project. Not only will it provide the root key of the sample, but it will also display detailed information about the notes used in a melody.

How will it benefit me?

Mixed In Key Studio Edition will accurately detect the key of any sample, including:

  • Drum loops
  • Percussion samples
  • Acapellas
  • Melody arrangements

If you analyse your library of samples with Mixed In Key Studio Edition, it will automatically show you which samples will work together harmonically and which ones will clash, thus speeding up the process.

Is it worth the money?

While this is definitely a great piece of software, I can see the $58 price tag putting a lot of potential customers off.

Mixed In Key haven’t offered this as a free or discounted upgrade as it is a completely separate piece of software to their other offerings.

If you have some extra cash and fancy making your life in the studio a bit easier, I would totally recommend splashing out and adding this to your audio tool box. If don’t have money to burn on something like this, you can spend a little bit more time and use other pieces of software to achieve the same result.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Official Video

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